Learn French with Lingolia

Welcome to Lingolia’s French site.

French is spoken as a first language by about 68 million people, primarily in France, Canada, and many African countries.

French is one of the most popular choices for those learning a second language. It is known as the “language of love”.


In order to keep your French active, it’s important to constantly work on expanding your vocabulary, for instance by reading. In this part of the website, we provide entertaining texts for reading. We’ve also made word lists to help you with conversation practice.

Writing School

When you have to write an essay in French, it can be very difficult. How should you go about it, which tenses should you use, and what’s the best way to translate idioms and turns of phrase into French? Here we offer tips and word lists that will help you write your own texts in French.

Regional Information

French is spoken in many countries around the world. In this section of the website, we will take a look at the various countries that have French as an official language. Here you can learn about their culture, festivals and holidays, and sights worth seeing.