Miroir, mon beau miroir (Topic: Face)

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Mirror, Mirror

Tonight is the first showing of the opera Carmen at the Théâtre des Églantiers. Emma is a singer, she’s getting ready in her dressing room before she goes on stage. She has a bit of stage fright and tries to concentrate on her makeup. She’s been performing in operas for over ten years and applying her makeup has always calmed her nerves.

Stage actors and opera singers have to wear heavy makeup so that every detail of their face is visible on stage. There’s a real knack to it! Some techniques allow you to accentuate the shape of the nose and nostrils, others let you create or hide wrinkles.

Emma stands in front of the mirror, takes a deep breath and off she goes!

After applying foundation and powder to her skin, she retraces her eyebrows with a pencil and applies a first coat of mascara to her lashes. The effect is striking! She then applies blue eyeshadow to her eyelids and blush to her cheeks. For the role, she draws fake freckles on her nose and cheekbones. Then she reaches the final step: lipstick. After applying it, she presses her top and bottom lip together to distribute the colour evenly.

Now Emma is ready to go on stage! Before she leaves her dressing room, she takes a last look in the mirror and runs her tongue over her teeth to make sure that her smile is perfect. Let’s wish her good luck for her first show!

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