Dates, Days & Months in French

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Days and months in French

In French, we use cardinal numbers to talk about the date. The exception to this is the first of the month, here we use the ordinal number le premier.

In contrast to English, days and months are not capitalised in French, they are written with a lowercase letter.

Les mois Translation
janvier January
février February
mars March
avril April
mai May
juin June
juillet July
août August
septembre September
octobre October
novembre November
décembre December
Les jours de la semaine Translation
lundi Monday
mardi Tuesday
mercredi Wednesday
jeudi Thursday
vendredi Friday
samedi Saturday
dimanche Sunday
le week-end the weekend
le jour de la semaine a weekday
la journée de travail a workday
le jour férié a bank holiday/a public holiday

How to say the date in French

To say the date in French, we usually use the following order: day (in numbers) + month (in letters) + years (in numbers).

To say the complete date, we use the article le.

On est le 1er janvier 2000.
On est le 25 juin 2009.

The day of the week comes after le and before the date.

Le vendredi 5 octobre 2009.

We introduce the months with the preposition en or the phrase au mois de.

On est en octobre 2009.
On est au mois de novembre 2009.

The year is always introduced by the preposition en.

On est en 2009.

In spoken French, there are two ways to say the year:

1990 = mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix
or: dix-neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix


Days and months are never capitalised in French.

Le jeudi 5 novembre 2012
not: le Jeudi 5 Novembre 2012