cours/classe – Free Exercise

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Choose the correct option.

  1. Akim aime beaucoup les de philosophie.Use cours to talk about a specific class, subject or lesson.Akim really likes his philosophy class.
  2. Sarah, je n’étais pas là lundi, tu peux me passer tes  ?Use cours to talk about notes and materials from a class.Sarah, I wasn’t in on Monday, can you lend me your notes?
  3. Il y a un nouvel élève dans notre .Use classe to refer to a group of students who are taught together.There’s a new student in our class.
  4. Oh non, j’ai loupé le bus ! Je vais rater la première heure de .Use cours to talk about a lesson.Oh no, I’ve missed the bus! I’m going to miss the first hour of class.
  5. Luc entre en de quatrième cette année.Use classe to refer to grades and year groups.Luc is going into eighth grade this year.

Complete the sentences with cours or classe.

  1. Lorsque la cloche a sonné, tous les élèves sont sortis de la  .Use classe to refer to the classroom.When the bell rang, all the students left the classroom.
  2. Les enfants ont fait de beaux dessins et les ont accrochés dans la  .Use classe to refer to the classroom.The kids did some nice drawings and hung them in the classroom.
  3. Corentin devrait mieux écouter les  , sinon il va rater les examens.Use cours to refer to a specific lesson or class.Corentin has to pay more attention in class, if not he’s going to fail the exams.
  4. Le   de physique était très intéressant aujourd’hui.Use cours to refer to a specific class or subject.The physics class is very interesting today.
  5. Ulysse et son frère ne sont pas dans la même  .Use classe to talk about a group of students who are taught together.Ulysse and his brother aren’t in the same class.